Making the changes that time and taste demand!




Our website works in tandem with the Alt Universe Top 40 radio show, simulcast by Channel 292 every Saturday at 11:00 UTC on 7440 kHz and 6070 kHz to Europe, and broadcast by WRMI (Radio Miami International) to North America on 9455 kHz every Saturday at 10:00 p.m. Eastern.  WRMI airs a repeat of the show on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern on 9395 kHz, and Channel 292 airs a repeat of the show on Thursday at 10:00 UTC.

Each Sunday following the Saturday broadcasts, the stereo mix of that week's episode will be posted on Mixcloud.  The mono mix is normally posted by the following Tuesday.  Airchecks of 23 minutes per show or more are posted when provided to us!

So, what is the deal with our show?  Well, we play SOME songs just as they were perched on the major American or British charts.  And then we fill out the countdown with songs that SHOULD HAVE made the Top 40!  While we are absolutely serious about our LOVE of music, this show is supposed to be FUN...especially for our fellow chart nerds!

Why Shortwave?  Well, the music on our show ranges from the Delta Blues of the '40's all the way to music that is only presently being released.  We have not attempted to "fit" into any traditional AM or FM format, and never will.  Shortwave has allowed us to reach listeners and make friends ALL OVER THE WORLD! 

You say you don't have a shortwave radio?  Click HERE for a link to a WEBSDR shortwave virtual receiver that can receive 6070 kHz in the Netherlands.  For 7440 kHz, please click HERE.  

Finally, please let us hear from you!  Drop us a message below if you get the chance and let us know how we are doing!  Keep on making the good-hearted adjustments that time and taste demand, and keep on smiling through the static!        




Here is a little bit about me.  My name is John McMullan.   I was the founding member, songwriter for, and co-producer of The Trend. We were active from 1979 through the mid '80's; Other stuff? Wrote, produced, and performed U.S. Pizza Company Jingle, and some radio ID's in 1988. Recorded as solo act for Del-Fi, Big Deal, Not Lame, Kicktone, and Futureman Records. Co-produced recordings with Don Smith, Mike Lawler, and Lewis Martinee in Memphis, Nashville, and Miami, respectively. I am currently practicing law, working (extremely slowly) on a legal novel, and diligently remixing and mastering a large number of my synthesizer-based compositions and solo recordings from the '80's and '90's.